Safety First! Ideas you may want to look at.....

One thing about becoming a mum is that you have to develop "eyes in the back of your head"!  My own mother would get very suspicious if things were too quiet and was constantly on the prowl.  On Netmums today, I saw a really good article including safety tips if you have a young child/toddler.  The link is below.

Here are a few of my own:

  • Make sure your floor space is as clear as possible.  This will not only keep your toddler from tripping over but will you keep you and Granny from sustaining quite a nasty injury.  Whatever precautions you take in this respect on floors - DOUBLE it for stairs!!
  • Safety locks on your cupboards to keep children away from poisons is all well and good, but if you happen to have a particularly clever sausage in your house - TAKE NO CHANCES!  Put poisons up high so that they cannot be gotten at.
  • Check toys regularly for breakages and throw them out if they have sharp edges or can cause an injury in any way.
  • ALWAYS check the bathwater.  I know, I know.... you know this one but sometimes a boiler puts out hotter water than at other times so you usual "mix" may be hotter than you think.  Baby and toddler skin is extremely thin and what would be a very minor reddening of adult skin can be a very deep burn on a baby. 
  • Hot drinks around children - see above.  Toddlers are quicker than you think so be aware.

These are just a few thoughts I have had.  My main piece of advice is to think like a toddler and get down on the floor and look at your home from their level.  That'll show you what is just too attractive to be left uninvestigated.......

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