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Scallywags is a fantastic place for little people to play, socialize with other toddlers and develop in the environment different to home. Nancy and all her staff are lovely and caring individuals. My son attended this toddlers’ club since he was 16 months for over a year until he went to the nursery where he settled in no time. This I believe was thanks to the confidence he gained while at Scallywags. Also that couple of hours when kids have fun at Scallywags is invaluable “free” time that mums need so much sometimes. I would highly recommend Scallywags! - Edyta, TW1

‘After a chance meeting with Nancy at our favourite Ice Cream shop in Richmond we decided to send little Johnny to Scallywags as a way for him to get started mingling with other kids. Our gut feeling turned out to be right, the whole experience was a joy from start to when he left. There is a lovely process where Nancy and her team will deal with this first separation in baby-steps (forgive the pun) and this really put our mind at rest. Scallywags is packed with superfun / engaging toys and it's easy to tell that the team love kids. (Big thanks to Sarah and Bobbie as well)I would say that Johnny made massive progress during his time and he is now happy and confident in bigger boys’ School. Would highly recommend to my friends and anyone else. You'll love it.’
– Ben S, TW10

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‘My daughter spent the term before she turned 2 at Scallywags. It was the first time she had been left and was the perfect place for her to get used to being without me for a couple of hours. The staff are completely brilliant, totally child-centred, and a caring and nurturing environment for little ones. My daughter started at a local Montessori nursery last week and she practically ran through the door and waved me off - not a single wobble - I am sure this is because she had such a great experience at Scallywags, such a good bridge for her! I cannot recommend Scallywags highly enough - we were both very sad to leave - and I will be sending my son there when he is one and walking!! Thanks guys, will see you all again soon!’
– Amy R, TW12

'Scallywags is a place I will highly recommend to anyone with a little one. It's a little safe haven full of love and care that enables children to play and develop with nurturing support and guidance. My children have squealed with excitement on a Scallywags morning and I couldn't think of a better place I'd have sent them for their first taste of independence. There are so many things we question ourselves on as parents, but I've always felt very sure I've had it right when sending my lot to scallywags...'
- Karolinka R, TW9

‘Scallywags was perfect as a first nursery and starting point for my son. Nancy and her staff are wonderfully caring and provide a lovely nurturing environment that gave my son more confidence to spend a couple of hours without me.’ - Sally T-C, TW7