Scallywags is a long-standing toddlers’ club in Richmond which focuses on small group numbers and lots of love! Born from founder Nancy’s need for a playgroup for her own children, Scallywags Toddlers Club provides a loving and family orientated environment for your children to learn and grow. Scallywags is a unique toddlers’ group in Richmond upon Thames, where children can enjoy that perfect balance of stimulation, company and play, while their parents gain some time for themselves. Scallywags welcomes children from all over the world and is committed to diversity and inclusion for all families

Our Story

Nancy' Story

“There HAS to be a place!”

These were my very thoughts in 1995 as I sat in a dentist’s chair - mouth full of equipment and a squirming toddler in my lap. At 15 months, Andrew was too young to be left playing alone in the waiting room and too old to sit quietly in his pushchair. Like many young mothers in the area, I lived miles away from my family, and friends weren’t always available to help. All I needed was a few hours each week for myself.

So I started to search.

Babysitters were expensive and he’d have no other children to play with. Lots of mother and toddlers groups around, but then I’d have to stay. Crèche? “Only if you belong to the club, madam!” - or they were so chaotic and noisy that Andrew was beside himself. Finding the right childcare was proving to be a nightmare!

What I wanted for Andrew was the equivalent of my Italian aunt’s living room - complete with cousins, toys and lots of hugs. My big wish was "Fun for him, free time for me!" That’s how Scallywags came about.


Clare's Story

When I was looking for a playgroup for my son, Henry, I read Nancy's story and thought, "That's just how I feel!  I want a warm, friendly place for my toddler!".

I couldn't believe my luck at finding such a place for my son and later, for his sister, Florence. As a primary school teacher, I know how essential those early years are and how those first play experiences are vital for the development of young children.  Both my children attended Scallywags and had a wonderful play experience which really set them up for that first transition to 5 day nursery.  

Years later I happened to run into Nancy who was contemplating her retirement.  I leapt at the chance to take on Scallywags and am so very happy to continue its great legacy and service to the families of Richmond, Twickenham, Kew, East Sheen, Mortlake and Barnes. For over 25 years now, Scallywags has been helping families give their toddlers that same warm, happy play experience that my toddlers had (AND giving parents a much needed break!)


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We always keep our groups small to ensure your child gets the care and attention that we'd expect for our own children. Contact us today to see if we have a space for your child. By clicking, you agree to allow Scallywags to use your data once for the purpose of contacting you to provide additional information.

Staff Profiles

Clare Radwell

Hi!  I'm so proud to be part of Scallywags and to be the one to take it into the future.  My own two children, Henry and Florence, are Scallywags "graduates" and I have seen first hand what a difference a great playgroup can make in a child's life.  With our terrific team of playleaders, I just know that every child who comes to Scallywags will grow and thrive.  I can't wait to see Scallywags next quarter century unfold!


Nancy Baldwin


Hi! I am a qualified teacher and proud creator of Scallywags Toddlers Club. My own boys, Peter and Andrew, are adults now but they were very much the inspiration for Scallywags. It is my aim to provide a homely, friendly play experience for each child who comes to us. In other words, I have created a space where I would be happy to leave my own children. I have done this now for over 25 years and there is nothing more satisfying than to walk down the High Street in Richmond, Twickenham or Sheen and run into some of my past kids with their families. I love hearing their news and how they are getting on in life. Many are university graduates or still in school. One has even become a mother herself! Scallywags is just waiting for the day when a Scallywags “grad” sends their own child to us. A real bulwark of the community, Scallywags is there as a resource for toddlers and their families throughout the Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Lucille Drew-Edwards

My son Fred, now 18 years old, was at Scallywags for nearly 2 years, leaving aged 3. Spending time at Scallywags made a big difference to him and really helped with his transition to nursery. He still remembers it.

I've been working at Scallywags for over 10 years. I love working with the children and always become very fond of them. It's a pleasure to see them settle in and watch them grow and develop and make friends.

I've always felt it's a very comfortable space for the children to be. It’s somewhere they feel safe and secure but also have the chance to play with other children or just do their own thing.

The times I love the most though are the cuddles and hugs that we get from the children.

Sarah Hutton

I am married to Keith and have 2 adult children, Harry and Becky.  I started working at Scallywags when my daughter was in Year 1 at Marshgate School and haven't looked back.  That was over 15 years ago.  I love being at Scallywags.  It is fun and very rewarding and a real privilege to work with such wonderful childrn and their families.  I feel lucky to have such a special place to work.

Jenny Trusty

I am a local mum with two children and joined the Scallywags team in 2021.  How we help the children grow and develop is just so inspirational with fun and laughter everyday.  I absolutely love working at Scallywags!

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