Scallywags' Playgroups in Richmond

Our Groups

Scallywags Toddlers Club in Richmond upon Thames offers two groups to choose from: Monday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & Thursday. Once your child is well settled with us, we can offer a 3 or 4 day option.

Opening Times:

We’re open during term time only, operating along the same terms as most local nurseries as well as the following local schools in the Richmond upon Thames area: Marshgate School, Vineyard School, Sheen Mount School, Holy Trinity School, The Old Vicarage School, Kings House School & The German School.

Sessions begin at 9:50am and end at 11:45am.

Our child to adult ratio is 4:1.

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We always keep our groups small to ensure your child gets the care and attention that we'd expect for our own children. Contact us today to see if we have a space for your child. By clicking, you agree to allow Scallywags to use your data once for the purpose of contacting you to provide additional information.

Why Choose Scallywags Toddlers Club in Richmond upon Thames?

Toddlers thrive in a secure environment where there is plenty of variety of activities within a framework which they can “hold on to”. What do I mean by that? There are no surprises at Scallywags. The children know who their play leaders are and who the other children will be in the group. A Scallywags session is organized along very clear lines.

Reading is “on demand”. We offer stories constantly and will sit and read throughout the session. We may have one child or six in our laps for a rousing rendition of a Postman Pat or Thomas the Tank Engine story. (If your child loves a particular story, tell us and we’ll try to get it in!)

9.50am - 11.00am

From the start of the session until 11 am is what we call “little play”. This is where the children can develop their fine motor skills with a variety of activities at the activity table. This may be colouring, gluing, Play-doh, puzzles and the like. There are cars, trains, dollies in prams as well as many different sorts of toys where they can sort, match, twizzle, push or post.

11.00am - 11.15am

At 11am we have “tidy up time” - the children are encouraged to help us - before we settle down to singing and a snack. Drinks and snacks are provided. We sing a variety of nursery rhymes and children’s songs with the children. If your child has a favourite, teach us and we’ll sing that too.

11.15am - 11.45am

At 11:15 we start our “big play” session. This is where the children get a chance to develop their gross motor skills. During wet or wintery weather, we play indoors. We get out the riding toys, seesaws, and tunnels as well as still having access to our Wendy House and slide. We march with percussion instruments, play “Ring-O-Roses” or just hop and jump around the room pretending to be kangaroos. In fine weather, we take the children out to our designated garden space which has plenty of room to run about, slide on the slides and kick balls. The children also develop an interest in the environment by hunting mini-beasts and exploring, with us, the world around them.

The outcome?

A tired, happy toddler who is ready for lunch and a nap!

Who comes to Scallywags?

Our families come from all over the Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Many of our families are from other countries. Our families have come from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Poland, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Nancy is a fluent German speaker. Between all of the leaders, we speak German, Spanish and some French and are willing to learn a few basics of any language to help your children settle with us.